How to open a stuck fusion paint lid

If you are reading this you obviously have a  passion for painting and the joy that comes with creating beautiful masterpieces. Fusion Mineral Paint takes pride in their paint formula, known for its exceptional adhesive properties and flawless finishes. However, I’ve been hearing a few moans and groans about a pesky issue – stuck lids. Let’s address this together!

The Science Behind the Stuck Lid

Fusion™ Mineral Paint boasts remarkable adhesive qualities with it’s 100% industrial-grade acrylic resin, making it ideal for various surfaces. Unfortunately, this same adhesive power can cause lids to stick if there’s any residual paint left on the threads. Hand-filled containers sometimes result in a slight tilt during lid placement, leaving tiny traces of paint behind. But fret not, Fusion have implemented improvements in their production process to ensure consistent lid application and minimize this issue moving forward.

Fusion Mineral Paint Lids.

Say Goodbye Stuck Lids:

  1. Cleanliness is Key: Before sealing your Fusion paint container, wipe off any excess paint from the lid’s tracks. This simple step prevents residue buildup, keeping lids from sticking.
  2. The Hot Water Trick: If you encounter a stubborn lid, run it under hot water for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The heat loosens the lid, making it easier to open.
  3. Heat it Up: Use a hair dryer around the lid for a few seconds. The hot air helps release the lid effortlessly.
  4. Whack it: If those options don’t work tighten the lid and turning it upside down to give it a smooth whack. It will loosen the sealed, fused paint allowing you to open the lids easily.

    How to open a stuck fusion paint lid

    Smooth Fusion Paint Experience

    With these simple tips, you can say goodbye to stuck lids and lid-locking frustrations and embrace the joy of painting with Fusion Mineral Paint.


    In order to prevent this type of thing happening you can always use a piece of plastic or shrinkwrap in between the bottle and the lid.

    See the full video showing you how to get your lids unstuck!

    Happy Painting!

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