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Warm greetings from what feels like the heart of Winter! Well, not the heart of Winter because admitedly  temperatures have risen in the last month, but these last few week have been a contrast to the weather we usually have in France at this time of year. Bundled up in “100” layers in an effort to stay warm whilst doing a good impression of the Mitchelin Man, I have been wondering how we can all motivate ourselves to pick up the paint brush when nature just wants us to hide under a duvet away from the cold,dark and wet. Spring and Summer with their vibrant colours are easier seasons to handle. Am I right?

I quickly realized that there are a lot of tranquil trends around that perfectly complement the quiet beauty of January and February: the simplicity of natural wood, the allure of soft browns and the nostalgia of rattan.

The simplicity of natural wood

In the past years a fascinating trend emerged: more and more people are stripping back layers of old paint to reveal the charm of natural wood. Orange tones are muted down with beautiful paint washes. Algonquin, Wood Wick and Cathedral Taupe are high on the list of popular paint washes.

How to do a paint wash: watch here

The quiet beauty of soft browns

It´s just a small step from natural wood tones to soft brown paint colours. Soft browns like Wood Wick have become so popular because they are warm, versatile, subtle yet sophisticated. They mimic the tones found in nature, which results in a very relaxing and calm vibe. The days of “why would we paint furniture brown?” are definitely over!

Fusion Woodwick

Fusion Algonquin

Fusion Cathedral Taupe

Rattan: back from the seventies

The material of rattan has made its way back into furniture makeovers. The warmth and texture of rattan complements painted furniture, a perfect blend of old and new. Just the perfect material for a touch of Boho Chic and absolutely stunning when combined with Cathedral Taupe, Algonquin and Wood Wick!

Ratten painted with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint

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