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Today we would like to explore the Dark Academia interior design trend and how Fusion Mineral Paint can be your top choice to bring this aesthetic to life.

The phenomenon

In recent years, the dark academia design trend has become increasingly popular. Characterised by its vintage charm, intellectual allure and moody atmosphere, it has become a choice for customers seeking a sophisticated space.

Buy Fusion Mineral Paint in France.
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Typical elements

The essence of Dark Academia is a balanced blend of classic elements with a touch of mystery. Think rich, deep tones, vintage furniture, leather-bound books, old typewriters, ink bottles, candles and intellectual nostalgia. It romanticises the allure of libraries and classic novels and is a response to our fast-paced digital age. Harry Potter, old mysterious mansions and English countryside, what´s not to like!

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Dark Academia meets Modern

Sometimes clients may find it challenging to envision this trend into their homes without fully committing to the entire style.

Those seeking a lighter take on Dark Academia can mix it with modern elements or neutrals. A great and affordable option for this more modern take is the well-known Billy bookcase hack. With a Fusion colour of preference, you are able the transform your living room or study into a warm and inviting space.

Where to buy Fusion Mineral Paint in France?
Credit: Bandas Property, Gwen Moss, Room for Tuesday, Costa Christ Media.
Ikea Billy Hack

Fusion´s palette for Dark Academia

Fusion´s palette offers a variety of colours that matches this trend. From deep, velvety blacks to warm, earthy browns and sophisticated greys, Fusion Mineral Paint allows you to easily create a Dark Academia-inspired space.

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Fusion even aligned their Summer 2022 and 2023 colour launches with this style!

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