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Décor Transfers

It has been a while since my last post on here. Some how life took over despite being locked down for several months. So what is new? We have a new range to offer you in our shop, which you can also order on line. Décor Transfers from Redesign with Prima. Take a peek at the designs here.
These are a very simple and easy way to add a real WOW! factor to a piece of furniture. Actually you are not just limited to furniture,they can be used on walls, doors, small projects alike.

First lets have a look at how to use Décor Transfers. Just three easy steps.

Step 1
To begin make sure the area you are applying the transfer to is clean and free of any debris. For best results make sure the surface is primed and has an even surface.Take a dry cloth and clean off / dust off the area.

Step 2
Position the transfer where you like to apply it, using masking tape to secure and help keep the transfer in place. Remove the ptrotective sheet and place it on to the surface. Use a transfer tool or the supplied applicator to rub the design on to the surface. Note: Depending on the transfer design and complexity, you may have to rub the transfer with moderate force.Be sure to rub evenly all over the design to ease the release of the transfer.

step 2 apply transfer

Step 3
Once done gently remove the acetate protector sheet to reveal the transferred design. If any pieces did not transfer, position the sheet back onto the surface and rub again. To extend the life of your tansfer you may want to a water based sealer or a clear wax sealant.

step 3 finished item

Below you will find some do’s and don’ts which should prove useful. Above all have fun transforming your furniture and home.

Applying decor transfers do’s and don’ts