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The Home Design Doodle Book

Welcome to part 2 of our book reviews. Very often people want to give the interior designer in their life a present or gift that is both practical and different. This book fulfills both of these qualities.

Officially entitled The home design doodle book – unleash your inner designer, this is a book by Marian Parsons who is probably better known as the author of the blog Miss Mustard Seed. Marion is also the owner of the very successful Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint range. This book is designed to be a helpful guide on your home decorating journey. This book is designed to inspire creativity, help you determine your style and offers practical and tips offers you a place to store all of your wonderful ideas so that you can create the home you love.
This hard backed Home Design Doodle book is intended to give you a push in the right direction for putting design ideas on paper. It’s a hybrid sketch/decorating book with thick pages for gluing and painting some of your favorite ideas. Included are colour inspiration pictures, home decorating tips, doodle and journal prompts, and blank sketch pages. Express your creativity! You never know what might happen.
Must-have book for the home decorator, a space to jot, store, and plan each room and put your personal design ideas on paper.
Hardbound book with elastic band closure is interspersed with Bible verse quotes, plus tips on color selection, furniture painting, and spaces to plan the mood of every room.

The Home Design Doodle Book
The Home Design Doodle Book

I guess you could refer to this book as a design source book which is combined with a sketch/decorating book that has pages for gluing and doodling some of your favorite ideas. At the back is slip envelope for swatches, colour cards, and clippings; prompt pages for jotting lists of paint and furnishings you’ve bought or are planning to purchase.

If you’re into recycling, fixing up houses or are simply planning dreams for your new home, here’s the essential place to stash and keep track of everything.
The Home Design Doodle Book by Marian Parsons is a doodle/ journal book, so it’s the kind of book that far better in paper format than Kindle format. I like the inside of the book, very pretty, and creative with a lot of beautiful pictures,would make a perfect gift idea.