William Morris Decoupage.

Have you noticed the revival of the Arts and Crafts style in the world of interior design?  You´re likely familiar with the Arts and Crafts design movement through the beautiful patterns of William Morris. We are seeing the patterns on wallpaper, textiles, transfers and paper, literally everywhere. Today´s consumers seek a balance between nostalgia and modernity, making this movement more relevant than ever.

We would like to show you that Fusion offers a palette that beautifully complements this style, making it ideal for customers who would like to infuse some William Morris into their spaces. Check out this piece by @pieces_of_eight_design! She´s right, who doesn´t love a William Morris decoupage?! She matched it beautifully with one of Fusion´s beautiful blues.

William Morris Decoupage.

The Arts and Crafts Movement celebrates traditional craftmanship and a connection to nature. It emerged in the late 19th century as a response to industrialization. It rejected mass – produced goods and focused on simplicity, nature and handmade products made by individuals. In today’s society these ideas have really regained significance.

The Fusion Mineral Paint range includes rich heritage hues inspired by the tones in Arts and Crafts Interiors. From warm taupe tones to deep moody forest green, with Fusion Mineral Paint you can definitely evoke the spirit of this design movement.

Fusion Mineral Paint swatches

Fusion Mineral Paint Swatches

Fusion Mineral Paint Swatches 3

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