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Painting over Chalk Painted fabric with Fusion.

Here’s the answer to a couple of questions I asked a lot. Firstly can I paint over Chalk Paint with Fusion? Quick answer is Yes you can. There is no reason not to use chalk paint as a primer before adding a coat of Fusion. Do remember that this works only if there is no wax involved. Otherwise make sure you remove the wax first.

Second Question. Can I paint fabric with Fusion. Yes you can. Have a hunt on this blog and you will find out how.

Today though I am going to show how to do both at the same time. I started out with an outside chair that had previously been painted in Aubusson Chalk Paint some years ago. Sadly this winter the birds used it for target practice. I think you get the picture. So first job was to give it a wash down.

chalk painted chair
Original Chalk Painted Chair in Aubusson

The secret of painting fabric is to allow the paint to soak into the fabric. In this instance I used a 50/50 mix water to paint.
The start of Painting
The start of Painting

The First Coat
The First Coat

As you can see the first coat is a bit of an ugly stage. But fear not this get sorted once you add the second or if need be the third coat. With the second coat use a 25/75 mix of water to paint and lastly a coat of undiluted paint. Inbetween coats remember to give it a sand with fine grit sandpaper. This stops the fabric becoming hard and unwelcoming.
First coat sanded
First coat sanded

In this particular case the first coat had done quite a good job so the second coat was applied by dipping the brush into water before loading the paint on to it.
Finished Item
Finished Chair

Now we have gone from Aubusson to Divine Lavender.A waterprrof finish whichj is also UV resistant.
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