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Painting over Chalk Painted fabric with Fusion.

Here’s the answer to a couple of questions I asked a lot. Firstly can I paint over Chalk Paint with Fusion? Quick answer is Yes you can. There is no reason not to use chalk paint as a primer before adding a coat of Fusion. Do remember that this works only if there is no wax involved. Otherwise make sure you remove the wax first.

Second Question. Can I paint fabric with Fusion. Yes you can. Have a hunt on this blog and you will find out how.

Today though I am going to show how to do both at the same time. I started out with an outside chair that had previously been painted in Aubusson Chalk Paint some years ago. Sadly this winter the birds used it for target practice. I think you get the picture. So first job was to give it a wash down.

chalk painted chair
Original Chalk Painted Chair in Aubusson

The secret of painting fabric is to allow the paint to soak into the fabric. In this instance I used a 50/50 mix water to paint.
The start of Painting
The start of Painting

The First Coat
The First Coat

As you can see the first coat is a bit of an ugly stage. But fear not this get sorted once you add the second or if need be the third coat. With the second coat use a 25/75 mix of water to paint and lastly a coat of undiluted paint. Inbetween coats remember to give it a sand with fine grit sandpaper. This stops the fabric becoming hard and unwelcoming.
First coat sanded
First coat sanded

In this particular case the first coat had done quite a good job so the second coat was applied by dipping the brush into water before loading the paint on to it.
Finished Item
Finished Chair

Now we have gone from Aubusson to Divine Lavender.A waterprrof finish whichj is also UV resistant.
Get your Fusion Mineral Paintin France from La Deuxième Chance.

Why Fusion Mineral Paint?

Fusion™: The Original Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint was created by entrepreneur and DIY expert Jennylyn Pringle. Fusion™ Mineral Paint’s unique formula features 100% acrylic resin and is the highest grade strength on the market. Fusion’s™ results are nothing less than spectacular, providing furniture painters a best-in-class paint that features; an environmentally conscious formulation, zero VOCs, superior durability, and easy one-step application with a built-in top coat!

Fusion Mineral Pain t available from La euxième Chance
Fusion Mineral Paint.

The Fusion™ Difference

● Environmentally conscious by design
All Fusion™ products are non-toxic, lead free, virtually odourless and have no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and contain no ammonia or formaldehyde.

Fusion Mineral Paint - wide colour choice
Wide Choice of Colours available.

● Little to no prep work required
Fusion™ can be applied to most previously painted or coated surfaces without priming or significant prep work.

● Built-in top coat
Not only is Fusion™ easy to use and perfect for beginners and pros, it can be used on virtually any surface to maximize your creativity. No primer needed and the top coat is built right into the formula!

● Incredible coverage
Fusion™ paint offers incredible coverage of 75 sq ft per pint (500 mL). In most cases, one coat is all you need.

Fusion Mineral Paint from La Deuxième Chance
Fusion Mineral Paint is also great for outdoor use.

● Highly durable formulation
Once Fusion™ has cured, it yields a highly durable and a washable finish. Fusion™ uses industrial grade acrylic resin in the formula, so it’s slightly flexible and can move with your furniture, flooring, kitchen cabinetry, and more. No chipping or cracking!

● Super smooth, matte finish
Fusion™ is offered in a gorgeous matte finish. This means an almost zero reflectance value that allows you to achieve a beautiful smooth matte finish with no brushstrokes in sight.

● 50+ colours
Get inspired with our true colour fan decks featuring over 50 hues. We’ve curated our customer favourites from the past 30 years, and combined them with beautiful new custom blend recipes for shade variations that are sure to delight.

Get your pot of inspiration and paint it beautiful with Fusion Mineral paint from La Deuxième Chance.

A new Rose in Town

Say hello to Fusion Peony. A subtle and soft pink.

Fusion Peony
Say hello to Fusion Peony

This delicate pink is a soft blush, yet can so easily be the centre of attention.

Fusion Peony Front Door.
Front door painted in Fusion Peony

Fusion Peony is now the replacement for Fusion English Rose which has sadly been retired.It is a lighter pink than English Rose but just as pretty.
Try it with Fusion Casement for a soft and pretty contrast, or with
Fusion Sterling for a sophisticated look.
Fusion Peony
Fusion Peony

Available to order via our website or in our store.

Fusion Midnight Blue

Say hello to Fusion Midnight Blue. Fusion Mineral paint have done it again. They have produced a beautifully rich dark blue verging on the edge of black. We think it is bound to make a statement and enrich any piece!
Available in either 500ml pots or 37ml tester pots.Available in store or via our website.

Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue
Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue

Check out this lovely desk painted using Fusion Midnight Blue.

Fusion Metallic Waxes

Fusion Metallic Waxes
Fusion Metallic Waxes

More new products from Fusion Mineral Paint. Three beautiful metallic waxes.Fusion Furniture Wax is absolutely stunning to work with! So easy to apply. A little goes a long way and for those of you that like facts this is one for you. A 50g pot may sound small but it will cover an amazing 125ft² or a little over 38m².
Fusion waxes are a fine museum quality wax, based on an old family recipe, it goes on like butter. It is soft and smooth. Easy to apply, it provides a durable finish with a beautiful lustre and has almost no odour.
These waxes are exceptionally durable, consisting of pure natural beeswax, and a touch or carnauba wax and a odourless mineral solvent for workability, this wax has been manufactured for over 30 years and is tried tested and true.

For those that aren’t sure about waxes or waxing let me explain how easy it is to apply.Just follow these 6 easy steps:

Step N°1 – Use Sparingly! A little goes a very long way, and since these are pigmented, you don’t need much to get the impact you’re looking for.
Step N°2 – Use a clean cotton cloth or brush to apply wax in a thin layer, working into recesses of carved details or surface imperfections.Apply
with a brush into detailed areas, and wipe away and buff off excess with a lint free cloth
Step N°3 – Wipe away excess.
Step N°4 – Allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes.
Step N°5 – Buff to a shine with a clean lint-free cotton cloth.
Step N°6 – Stand back and admire!!

Now the important part…..let’s have a look at the colours…….

Rose gold wax offers the perfect shade of pink and a little shimmer for a subtle and sophisticated accent

Copper wax which will looks fabulous when used over darker colours to really shine – old world age and copper patina.

Pearl wax which is virtually clear on application, this subtle metallic offers a soft overall shimmer .

Say hello to Fusion English Rose

Say a big hello to a brand new colour from Fusion Mineral Paint. A soft pale pink reminiscent of an English rose. We know you are going to love this colour.

Fusion English Rose
Fusion English Rose

This colour is part of the Michael Penney designer colour range brought to you by English Rose by Fusion Mineral Paint

English Rose by Fusion Mineral Paint

Yes you can buy this colour and any other Fusion colours from our shop here in France. It is also available for mailorder.

A soft pale pink from Fusion Mineral Paint
A soft pale pink from Fusion Mineral Paint

If you haven’t tried Fusion Mineral Paint yet, you will be surprised at how easy it is to apply. And for those that hate wax here is a furniture paint with a built in top coat which means there is no need to add wax. And if that was not enough it is also waterproof.

English Rose from Fusion with built in top coat
English Rose from Fusion with built in top coat

It is only 24€ for a 500ml pot of high quality paint. So what are you waiting for…..
Buy on line here or pop in and see us in store.

Comparing different furniture paints

When talking about furniture paints the majority of people immediately starting thinking of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ there are also many other brands of Chalk Paint being created all over the world as these companies try to cash in on this revolution. Are all Chalk Paints created equal? Well….actually that’s a complete other story. In short the quality and coverage vary widely. Some of these brands can contain products such as Latex, Ethylene Glycerol (antifreeze), Ammonia and Methanol. Most reputable manufacturers produce something that is referred to as a MSDS or CSDS. This is basically information about what is considered to be hazardous in its contents or ingredients. Our advice to check the individual product labels or ask for a copy of the MSDS. Reputable manufactures and retailers will provide this for you free of charge. Don’t be fobbed off with claims such as we put all our ingredients on the label or we don’t need to as there are no “nasties” in our paint. Just think about that first bit for a minute….if you put all of your ingredients on the label wouldn’t that be inviting someone to copy it??? From a commercial perpestive it is not a good idea. Just a thought!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ France
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™
Chalk Paint™ comes in a ready-made form. Open the can.Give it a stir and off you go. Do you need to do any prep before hand? I know many people claim that none is necessary but personally I’d rather say little to none. Obviously you need to remove any loose or flaking paint from the surface. Give it wipe down to remove any grease. Occasionally, depending on the surface, a bit of rough sanding may be necessary but this is the exception rather than the rule. Chalk Paint™ is great for a textured look and this is part of the “Annie Sloan” look.It can also be distressed very easily.
One of the great advantages of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ is that it dries very quickly and can be used on most surfaces including wood, raw or painted or varnished, glass, metal or concrete. It is also one of the few paints that will cover waxed furniture without any problems.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint France -Emperor's Silk
Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk

So what about coverage? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ has very good coverage. Approximately 13m² per litre. Other so-called “chalk paints” do not offer such good coverage. And the same goes for the number of coats required. Normally only one possibly two coats are all that is required. Whites, by their very nature, may need more coats.

Is Chalk Paint™ waterproof? The answer to that is NO. It dries to a matt chalky (porous) finish which needs to be sealed with either soft wax or floor lacqueur to protect the paint. For exterior use we recommend Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Lacquer.

Milk Paint
In this particular instance we are going to refer to Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. There are a few other milk paints out there but this is one of the better known ones. Milk Paint is the oldest known form of paint and is well and truly tried and tested. It is made of only natural products and contains no preservatives.In fact it is made up from Milk protein (casein), limestone, clay,chalk and natural pigments. Hence it comes in powder form. To make a paint you simply add one part powder to one part water. Give a good mix and off you go.

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint France
Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

Like Chalk Paint™ it is a water based paint ( milk paint is much finer to use) but unlike Chalk Paint™ it is self leveling which means it provides a smooth flat finish without brush marks. Milk Paint will also dry to matt chalky porous finish and is easy to distress for an aged look. It too requires minimal prep. Some light sanding.

So what is different about milk paint? It is best for use on wood but it can be used on metal, glass and other surfaces with the addition of “Bonding Agent”. Bonding agent can also be added to the mixed paint for extra adhesion on glossy surfaces. Because it is made of all natural ingredients it contains zero VOC’s.
Unlike other paints Milk Paint will sink into the wood and become part of the fabric of the wood. This means that unlike other paints that simply sit on top of the wood it will not chip or knock like a conventional paint. It will also allow the grain of the wood to show through just like a wood stain does.

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint France
Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – Farm House White

Milk Paint is much thinner than chalk paint and requires at least two or three coats for good coverage. Again white may need more. It does however depend on how thick the paint has been mixed initially. Finishing is the same as Chalk Paint™ and needs to be sealed using either wax or hemp oil to the protect the paint.

Fusion™ Mineral Paint France

Fusion™ Mineral Paint

Like the two previously mentioned paints Fusion is also quick drying but does take a little longer to fully cure. Like milk paint it is self leveling and gives a wonderful smooth finish without brush marks. But unlike the other two paints it has a built-in top coat. This means there is no need to wax. It is also waterproof and UV resistant making ideal for both interior and exterior use.
It too will cover most surfaces including wood – raw, painted or varnished, glass, metal and concrete. Fusion’s Ultra grip can be used as an extra bit of prep to ensure adhesion on glossy surfaces such as glass, high gloss varnished items etc.

Fusion™ Mineral Paint France
Fusion™ Mineral Paint – Putty

Fusion, like Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is made from all natural ingredients including water, minerals (titanium dioxide, iron oxides and calcium carbonate) plus 100% acrylic resin. Fusion is also contains no toxic fillers and is zero VOC free.
The coverage of Fusion is also very good. A 500ml pot will cover approximately 7m². It needs one or sometimes two coats. At the risk of repeating myself allow extra for whites.

All three paints are available from La Deuxième Chance.
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New Colours From Fusion™

This is an exciting time of year as there are lots of new colours to choose from. Fusion has recently launched several new colours in the Fusion Mineral Paint and Michael Penney Collection ranges.
Here’s the new line up…..


Fusion Cranberry
Fusion Cranberry

A natural luscious burgundy red reminiscent of cranberries. A true statement colour


Fusion Plaster
Fusion Plaster

A generously soft sand, not too white, not quite beige. A beautiful neutral for anywhere in your home.


Fusion Bayberry
Fusion Bayberry

A deep muted olive green, vintage in nature. Stunning on its own or accompanied.


Fusion Mustard
Fusion Mustard

Warm and golden, this muddy yellow adds depth and personality to any piece.


Fusion Putty
Fusion Putty

A sophisticated neutral that blends beige and grey and grounds any colour scheme.

Available to purchase on line or in store

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Introducing Tones for Tots

Tones for Tots
Tones for Tots

Introducing some amazing pastel shades from Fusion Paint.

Tones for Tots is a new range of colours from Fusion Paint which launch on the 28th May. They are designed specifically with Nurseries and toys in mind. guaranteed to make all mums (and grandmothers too!) say ” wow! “

So before we get to the actual colours here is some background: Fusion™ know you want the best for your little one. At Fusion™, they want the same.

That is why they wanted to develop a paint that was TRULY zero VOC and non-toxic for you and your loved ones. Through years of development Fusion™ have achieved this without sacrificing quality and durability. Fusion™ is a best-in-class paint that features an environmentally and health conscious formulation.

Babies and young children are more susceptible to the health risks associated with VOCs. Fusion™ Paint is lead free, phthalate free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free, virtually odourless and is Zero VOC.

Fusion cares about you and your wee ones. the new Tones for Tots collection complies with both the lead and phthalate restrictions of the Toy Safety Standards of North America and Europe, as well as the ASTM D4236 LHAMA safety labeling requirements.

Ok, now ladies take a deep breath……..

There are seven colours to choose from. So here they are

Little Star
Little Star

Fusion Little Star
Just remind yourself of those soft yellow knitted cardigans that Grandma used to knit and you have it.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb

Fusion Little Lamb
A very subtle, neutral but classy grey. A perfect complementary colour for any of the Tones for Tots range.

Little Piggy
Little Piggy

Fusion Little Piggy
A simply gorgeous blush pink shade. A must for every little girls room!

Little Stork
Little Stork

Fusion Little Stork
A lovely creamy shade of white

Little Teapot
Little Teapot

Fusion Little Teapot
A gorgeous teal shade. A blue that goes with china. Looks good on small and large pieces.

little whale
little whale

Fusion Little Whale
A very soft, calming lake blue.

Little Speckled Frog
Little Speckled Frog

Fusion Little Speckled Frog
And lastly as you would expect from the name a soft shade of  minty green.

All the colours will be available in both 500ml and 37ml tester size pots from La Deuxième Chance in  Le Bois de Messé, 79120, France from Saturday 28th May

And if you can’t make your mind up which one to choose ( I know it is going to be difficult.) you could always use all the colours

Tones for Totos colours
Tones for Tots colours

This will be in store from Tuesday 24th May for you to have a look at the colour range before it launches.

Oh and if that hasn’t got you drooling yet there will also be a range of stencils to go with these paints.

Tones for Tots stencil collection.
Tones for Tots stencil collection.

Buy Fusion Tone for Tots