Comment peindre des meubles de cuisine avec la peinture Chalk Paint™

Annie Sloan vous montre comment rapidement relooker vos meubles de cuisine avec la peinture et la cire Chalk Paint™.

Tout d’abord, enlevez les portes et les poignées en métal. Lavez-les à l’eau savonneuse. Pas besoin d’utiliser des produits chimiques agressifs.

Appliquez la couleur Chalk Paint™ de votre choix. Ici, Annie utilise la couleur Old Ochre. Utilisez un pinceau plat Annie Sloan Flat pour une finition lisse.

Laissez sécher, puis appliquez une deuxième couche de peinture Chalk Paint™.

Quand la peinture est sèche, appliquez une couche de cire transparente Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax à l’aide d’un pinceau pour cire Chalk Paint™ Wax Brush. Retirez l’excédent à l’aide d’un chiffon doux.

Laissez sécher et durcir la cire pendant au moins 24 heures avant d’appliquer une deuxième couche. Pour un résultat vraiment résistant, il faudra appliquer deux ou trois couches de cire.

Enfin, pour une finition soignée, vous pouvez faire briller la cire avec un chiffon en coton.

How to brighten up dark furniture

Today I thought I would share a project with you where we turned a piece of rather
dark furniture into a bright painted masterpiece – with little or no preparation.

Before and After Chalk Paint™
Before and After Chalk Paint™

This beautiful, but dark, dressing table was chosen for its elaborate carved features,
but the techniques shown below can be used on even the plainest piece. I chose to
paint this piece in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ as the paint is easy to apply, with
little or no preparation and the texture of the paint allows the white wax to add
another dimension to the surface.

You will need:
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ 120ml – Original
Annie Sloan Soft Wax – Clear
Annie Sloan Soft Wax – White
Large and small pure bristle paint brushes
Waxing Brush
Soft Cloth for buffing

Here’s how:
1: Prepare:
Before starting to paint ensure your furniture is clean and dry. Wiping away any
dust or dirt with a soft cloth and warm water is generally all that is required.
Dry thoroughly.
There is no need to remove old varnish or wax. Just ensure you have a sound dry
base on which to apply your paint.

2: Paint:
Stir the paint well, as per the instructions on the tin, if you have not used
this paint before you may find it quite thick.

easy coverage
Easy Coverage

Apply to your furniture in an uneven manner, applying the paint in different
directions. Start at the top and work downwards, covering the wood, but watching
for runs on corners and edges. Try not to over paint areas as the paint dries
quickly. Ensure you get the paint into any carvings or grooves. For drawers it
is best to paint an inch of the outer edges, the inside can be painted in a
contrasting colour or to match. Allow the paint to dry, approximately 20 minutes
depending on the temperature.

3: Embellish:
Paint the edges of drawers and the fine moldings to highlight using a contrasting
colour (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ – Original) Paint free-hand using a fine bristle
brush. Then lightly brush the white paint over the carved areas to add definition.

4: Wax:
Apply a thin layer of Annie Sloan Soft White Wax. Work this into the paint and
carvings using a soft Wax Brush. (A soft lint free cloth can be used, but pay
attention to carved areas as missing areas will give an uneven appearance).
Remove any excess wax polishing as you go. The wax will be absorbed into the
paint. Once dry apply a top coat of Clear Soft Wax. Buff well using a soft
lint free cloth.

A 1 litre tin will cover approximately 13 sq meters? That’s a lot of furniture!
One coat is normally all you need! (Perfect for covering painted beams.)
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ has very low VOCs so there are no odours when you paint
and once dry and waxed it is safe for use in children’s rooms.
Use wax sparingly rubbing in as you go to avoid streaking.
You can obtain a high gloss finish by buffing the wax the following day.
For a more “distressed” finish, lightly sand the edges of your furniture using
Annie’s wonderful reusable foam sanding pads!
For an aged look you can apply Annie Sloan dark or black waxes. Prevent
staining your paint by applying a thin coat of clear wax before dark waxing.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ is not just for furniture. It is made of natural
ingredients and is breathable, so perfect for using on old damp or lime
plastered walls. You can use it on floors too, wooden or concrete!
Annie Sloan Wall Paint™ comes in larger 2.5 lt tins and give a durable,
washable surface. Ideal for kitchens and high traffic areas.

Here are a few photos of project as it was being done…

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