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Annie Sloan Oxford Navy Chalk Paint™

Annie Sloan recently launched two new chalk paint™ colours in France. Athenian Black and Oxford Navy. So lets say hello to Oxford Navy!

Oxford Navy is an inky, traditional navy blue which evokes the strong, august blue of academic insignia and fountain pens, as well as the rich pigment indigo blue so synonymous with traditional Indian block printing.

This classic but contemporary kitchen has been given a new lease of life with a lick of Chalk Paint™ in Oxford Navy. A fresh coat of Chalk Paint™ is an excellent alternative to redoing your entire kitchen, and as demonstrated here, the end result is fresh, smart and beautiful. Just be sure to use Chalk Paint™ Wax or Lacquer to protect and seal the paint. Apply Chalk Paint™ in thin layers to shiny surfaces such as melamine kitchen cabinets, although wooden surfaces such as these cupboards and kitchen caddy will not require any special measures.

The Oxford Navy parts of this kitchen have been lacquered using Matt Chalk Paint™ Lacquer for an understated, velvety finish. When using Chalk Paint™ Lacquer over darker Chalk Paint™ colours be sure to apply in thin coats to avoid any cloudiness. The floor has been painted in Chalk Paint™ in Versailles and then lacquered in Gloss Chalk Paint™ Lacquer for contrast.

Oxford Navy side table
Oxford Navy side table

This side table was painted with Oxford Navy Chalk Paint™. The lamp base was painted in Old Violet. We think it makes a very nice statement piece.
Don’t forget you can buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in France from La Deuxième Chance either in our shop or order chalk paint on line.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Oxford Navy
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Oxford Navy

Fusion Midnight Blue

Say hello to Fusion Midnight Blue. Fusion Mineral paint have done it again. They have produced a beautifully rich dark blue verging on the edge of black. We think it is bound to make a statement and enrich any piece!
Available in either 500ml pots or 37ml tester pots.Available in store or via our website.

Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue
Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue

Check out this lovely desk painted using Fusion Midnight Blue.

New Wall Paint Colours

No less than six new colours have been added to the Chalk Paint™ colour palette. They are ideal for kitchen and bathrooms or any area of high traffic. THe finish is scrubbable too. The coverage as you would expect is also very good. A two and a half litre tin will cover approximately 36m² ! And with just one coat!! It dries within 40 minutes meaning that a room can be transformed very easily and quickly. And get this…. for those of you that use a roller – it is also splatter proof.

Amsterdam Green
This strong, deep green takes inspiration from the painted shutters and doors of Amsterdam. It makes a great backdrop to cool blues, such as Provence, Giverny and the purple tones of Emile.

Antoinette is a soft pale pink inspired by the decorative pieces and interiors of 18th Century France, when the finest red earths were mixed with white and used to make a clear, but dusky colour for walls.

Emperor’s Silk
Emperor’s Silk is a bright pure red like the silk lining of a jacket. It is also the red of Chinese lacquer.

English Yellow
An English colour from the development of Chrome Yellow pigment in the 18th Century and inspired by hand-painted Chinese wallpaper. This was the first non-earthy yellow. It’s also a great fifties vintage colour.

Napoleonic Blue
Napoleonic Blue is inspired by the ultramarine and cobalt blue pigments used for decorative work in everything from neoclassical interiors through to modern 20th Century decoration.

Provence is a colour inspired by the painted shutters and doors of the South of France. It also works beautifully for a modern look.

Annie Sloan Wall Piant is available in either tester pot size (100ml) or 2.5 litre tins.
You can find our full range of colours here.

Annie Sloan Brushes

Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brushes

nie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush Collection
nie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush Collection

Which size brush is best for the job?
There are three sizes available in the Annie Sloan Pure bristle range:

1. Large Paint brush (n.16): Ideal for painting walls, long flat surfaces, doors, floors.Basically think of anything with a lot of surface area.

2. Medium Paint Brush (n.12): All the in-between sized jobs. Basically anything that has a lot of changing levels or carved in interiors. Anything average sized, kitchen cabinets, interiors, etc.

3. Small Paint Brush (n. 8): Ideal for painting chair spindles, ladder-back designs, petite furniture, trim, drawer fronts, carved or ornate wood, stencils.

The smaller you go, the less weighted the brush, and the more control you often have.

Buy Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brushes here

How to hold the brush.
The easiest way is to hold the brush by the ferrule ( this is the large silver coloured collar on the brush). BY holding it this way you get a lot more control over the brush and it doesn’t make your hands as tired from holding the brush.

Wax Brushes:

Annie Sloan Wax Brushes
Annie Sloan Wax Brushes

There are two sizes of wax brushes available.

1. Large Wax Brush (n.26 – Long, solid, tapered handle): If you used a Large Paint Brush, you may want to consider waxing with something with an equivalent coverage. The larger waxing brush works well on surfaces that have a lot of area because it covers a bigger diameter.

2. Small Wax Brush (n.22 – Short, ergonomic handle): I personally find this to be the easier of the two brushes as the design is more ergonomic. This is our go-to size for typical projects & is more cost effective if budget is a factor.

Buy Annie Sloan Wax Brushes here

How to Care for Your Brush
When buying any new paintbrush (regardless of the type of painting you are going to do) giving your brush a first time conditioning session will help you have a happier painting experience.

What is conditioning?
When you condition your brush, you’re essentially releasing any stray bristles that were never submerged into the ferrule when the adhesive set. Take your brush in hand and give the bristles a couple of firm taps on a hard surface. Think of it as giving the stray bristles a nudge upwards; not a lot of force is required though. Then take the brush and fan through the brush a few times to surface those loose bristles. Take them out and give your brush a rinse through with water.
Always let your brushes dry on a flat surface on a paper towel or clean rag so they retain their bristle shape and so that water doesn’t continuously drip down to the handle. You may also drip dry them by hanging them upside down from a hook. Avoid blow drying them, they’ll air dry on their own overnight. If you want to start a project right away, just take a cloth and squeeze out the excess water!
Stray bristles are not indicative of the quality of a brush. How a brush holds paint and the overall finish it can achieve are the only true testaments to brushes.

Cleaning Your Brush (after projects)
All of the Annie Sloan natural brushes are made from entirely natural boar bristle and are made in Italy. Just think of how well you treat the hair on your head. The use of harsh cleaners is not necessary to clean your brush. For cleaning, mild grease-cutting dish soap works effectively with a coarse sponge. If you rinse your brush immediately after painting, just warm water is often enough. But if you wouldn’t use harsh solvents on your hair, don’t use them on a natural hair brush! (You’ll get more breakage and shedding over time.) The brushes are made with split-ends intentionally – they continue to split and fan out for the best paint coverage. It softens your strokes and allows the paint to move freely through the bristles. Let it do the work for you! Avoid bleach. You really don’t need anything that harsh!

Look after your tools and they will paint beautifully for many projects to come.

Annie Sloan brushes – are they worth it ?

Short answer: Yes. A lot of thought went into the Annie Sloan brushes and it becomes instantly evident when using them with Chalk Paint™. The brushes (from the bristles to the adhesives used) have been designed to the highest standard and made to hold the unique consistency of Annie’s paint and her waxes. They also have an oversized ferrule and a rounded form that hold thicker paints with more versatility. You have the option of painting rustically or painting in a modern style with just one brush. In the long term you will save on the amount of product you use and of course the amount of time spent on your projects. This is also true of annie’s wax brush since waxing is the final aesthetic touch to your furniture. A fine artist always uses high-quality paint brushes and a make-up artist always uses high quality facial brushes – investing in your brush will provide you with the most successful and rewarding Chalk Paint™ experience.

Annie Sloan Tester Pots

Annie Sloan Tester Pots are now better value than before.

Annie Sloan Tester Pots France
Annie Sloan Tester Pots

Why a tester pot? Here are 10 good reasons for buying them. But we think you may think of other uses too.

1. you have not yet tried the world’s best paint for painting furniture.
2. You only have a small project
3. You want to make your own custom colours
4. You want to use a different colour with a stencil
5. Add a splash of colour to the inside of a drawer
6. You may want to try dyeing some fabric
7. You could make your own coloured wax
8. Try a colour you are not sure about
9. Give it as a gift ( we are sure they will love it !)
10. Paint picture or mirror frames, small boxes, vases….the list is endless!!!

Where can you buy these tester pots of Chalk Paint? Either in store (see below) or from our on line shop

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